Television Through the Ages and the Rise of Showrunners

Television is no longer what it once was for a variety of different reasons. Roberta Pearson’s examination of the three distinct television eras in her essay, “Cult Television as Digital Television’s Cutting Edge”, shows how television today allows for greater expression than in previous years. In order to examine this further it’s important to have […]

Yielding YouTubers: The Buy Out of Multichannel Networks and the Decline of Independent User-Generated Content

Many would claim that the internet serves as the final frontier for various reasons, such as freedom of usage without restrictive marketing implications or content-based regulations by government implementation. Though we currently live in an age where we live in fear of losing these freedoms due to corporate lobbying, we can slightly still hold a […]

Netflix, Hulu, and You.

Over the course of 22 years living, I have noticed how gradually (and arguably rapidly) the state of “watching television” has changed. I use quotations purposely because we live in an age where we can “watch” television, without watching it. New media has granted new mediums in which we can enjoy our favorite programs, all […]

Everyday YouTube: Commonplace Media

As most of you likely know, YouTube is a popular video-sharing website. The site, which is now a Google subsidiary, allows anyone to create a profile and post either original or found content (this is dependent upon usage rights, of course). The result is a mass of content that ranges from individual user-generated content to […]

The Remote Control: The First Handheld Device

It’s interesting to think that the first handheld media device ever to be invented is considered to be the remote control. It was a new piece of technology that drastically changed the experience of watching broadcast television by allowing users the opportunity to control what and how they watched television and in turn, enables passive […]

From Television to Web 2.0

Television for a long time was the only way you could watch a TV show, forget about movies. Those you either had to by the tape and VHS player or pay for cable. Even with the tape you still had to have the TV screen to watch the film on. It was the only medium […]

VFX Industry’s “March to the Bottom” and the Halt on ADAPT’s Legal Efforts

Visual effects (VFX) is a front runner in film today, so it’s about time VFX workers get a little respect! Digital Visual Effects in Cinema: The Seduction of Reality, written by Stephen Prince, invites readers to take a second look at the big bad world of moviemaking through the digital realm of visual effects. Prince […]

Creating Fictional Worlds with Real People: Creating Gollum in LOTR

Stephen Price’s work Digital Visual Effects in Cinema: The Seduction of Reality discusses how the increased use of visual effects in films impacts not only how they look but how people feel about movies. In recent years many movies have taken advantage of visual effects technology in order to create fictional worlds set in barren […]

Digital & Visual Effects with Performance Capture

The development of digital and visual effects in films has progressed drastically through the years. Stephen Prince explains in Digital Visual Effects in Cinema how filmmakers have used technology to create new worlds and characters that were once unimaginable to recreate on film. Within the first chapter of Prince’s book, he explains how Terminator 2: […]

Eliciting Emotions with Electronics

Last week I was watching the movie District 9 with some friends and I heard someone shout “Oh no! They’re going to hurt it!”. What she was referring to was a human soldier pointing a gun at the head of a small CGI alien child. Even though these characters were non-human computer renderings, they elicited an emotional response […]