Big Google is Watching You!

Sitting at home on your couch watching television late at night. As advertisements play in between the program your TV analyzes your reactions and stores the information for companies to show more of the same adds to you that you seemed to like. Sound like the science fiction novel 1984 by George Orwell? The technology for this is already in the market, a computer that watches you watching it. In his book, Streaming: Movies, Media, and Instant Access, Wheeler Winston Dixon mentions this capability in the hands of consumers; produced by Samsung and Lenovo. The product Google glasses operates in a similar way as the TV that watches you watching it.

As computers advance we depend on them more and more which requires them to do more in a constant loop. Google glasses provide information to the user instantaneously about the environment the person is in. The glasses react to your actions providing you with information they deem useful, laying out the street maps with GPS, show information on shops and stores plus their location near the user.

You watch the world through Google glasses, and it watches you, monitoring your every action, word, and emotion; you watch your television, and it watches you (Dixon 141).

This steams from our need in the 21st century to have everything instantly and without having to lift a finger, using everything thwith voice commands, which provides the possibility to do multiple things at once. George Orwell may have gotten the date wrong but idea of constantly being monitored was fairly accurate. In his novel every apartment has a television screen that sees the interior of that room. The leader of the nation, Big Brother can supposedly see everyone all the time even when they think they are not being watched. The televisions watching us aren’t controlled by the government but they still react to out reactions feeding adds back to us creating the illusion of choice, invading people’s privacy in their own homes.

People get very angry when their privacy gets invaded, especially if the government is spying on them, listening in to phone calls and conversations. Yet when it comes to letting everyone know what their favorite clothing brand, music, and TV shows, are the concern appears to disappear.

No—you are the ultimate streaming program material in the twenty first century, constantly broadcasting a vast array of information to corporations and advertisers about the way you shop, eat, dress, work, play, and even conduct your relationships with others (Dixon 141).

The large corporations don’t need to spy on their costumers when the consumers are giving all their information away for free. Granting access to that information provides the corporations with the ability to choose what to sell and essentially the power to choose what their costumers buy providing little option and diversity in brands and products. Government removal from the process means that large firms gain lots of control and power in an age where information is everything. A compelling example of America becoming completely corporate is the science fiction series Continuum. A world where the Government becomes owned by the large companies, and almost no privacy exists anymore, and any one against the system ends up in prison or dead. If people don’t at least realize the danger of letting advanced computers drive our lives then privacy is going to disappear.

Dixon, Wheeler. Streaming: Movies, Media, and Instant Access. The University Pres of Kentucky, 2013. Print.


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