The Supernatural Fan

Fans of television shows and movies as the series progresses through seasons5742fc7d86f51c47a5889e0b054db746 will connect with the characters and identify with one specific character. While the fan will identify with their chosen protagonist, in their subconscious the fan knows that that character can’t accurately represent them on the fact that it’s all fictional. Supernatural gives the fan a look at the fan represented inside the television series universe. When this happens the fan watching will feel particularly excited because it shows the fan inside the series universe, interacting with the fictional characters, and identifying with an alternate version of themselves in that universe. The increased interactivity makes the fan appreciate the show.

When a male walks into a movie theater it’s particularly easy for him to find a film that has a male lead character and thus a role the guy can connect with. Still today there aren’t being made a lot of films where the female is the hero. In these films the women is often portrayed as support for the male hero, or as the antagonist (villain). If they do get made the film isn’t a “chick flick”. This makes it harder for women to connect with a male character in films. The episodes of Supernatural that interact with their fans are gender neutral. Especially with the female character Becky who appears as the strongest fan. Her presence provides a character for the biggest fans, male and female, as she is one herself, of the show to identify with, increasing their interest in the series. Not only that but she also helps Sam and Dean twice, giving them small advice and messages from the character Chuck. Becky’s involvement in the Supernatural universe represents the fan interacting with the TV series.

A lot of TV shows stay inside their universe and don’t break any barriers. Once again Supernatural manages to do this a few times in Seasons 5 and 6. The two episodes are a self-critique of the show as well as television.

“This new relationship allows for viewers to deepen their experience; it allows them to enter the show itself in new ways” (Macklem 36).

The episode ‘The French Mistake’ in Season 6 literally breaks through realities and enters one similar to this one where Sam and Dean are the actors Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles in the Supernatural TV show. The self-parody interacts with the fan world of the show, the interaction not only provides a window into the series production but again connects with the fans. Misha Collins playing himself and tweeting to his followers “Mish amigos” shows the interaction between actor and fan. The massacre scene at the end of the episode in a way feels like a self-elevation of the creators and producers getting killed like heroes. In addition Padalecki and Ackles playing Dean and Sam playing them-selves adds a third level as the characters desperately attempt to act on the set. Deans line, “Don’t look into the camera.” Is an exaggeration with Sam’s following performance, staring up and gesturing with his hands. Supernatural connects the fan with the TV show.

Macklem, Lisa. “I See What You Did There: SPN and the Fourth Wall.” Chapter 3. Fan Phenomena Supernatural. Ed. Zubernis and Larsen. n.a. Print.


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