Online Vlogs: User Generated Content and Advertisements

The digitization of magazines have removed the barrier of entry for non-professionals as fashion bloggers, style gurus and DIY user generated content begin gaining traction online. These spaces are created with greater input from viewers/consumers who can request content and interact with content producers. With the trend on the rise, these sites of interaction become […]

How to Win the Game of Advertisements

What is a magazine? For Brooke Duffy, author of Remake, Remodel: Women’s Magazines in the Digital Age, the answer is multifaceted. Starting with the “Big Six” magazines of the early twentieth century, Duffy outlines the history of the “glossy,” tracking the transformations of the medium over time and the influence of digital culture on its […]

Remake, Refine: A Brief Analysis of Refinery29

It has been incredible to watch as women’s publishing – or publishing for women and publishing of women – has grown from the arguably low-browedness of Cosmopolitan, Seventeen and People to include the empowering and still feminized likes of Jezebel, For Harriet and Refinery29. I remember being a child and remarking at the profound stupidity […]

The Material Has Become Immaterial