The Grass Isn’t Always Greener…

After completing the fourth reading for my Senior Seminar, my anxiety about graduating is at an all-time high. All of the readings have made it clear that it is going to be hard to become “successful” working in the creative industry. There isn’t job stability, especially because someone who decides to work in the creative industry […]

Now you see me… No, actually, you don’t

It is safe to say that when we think of old Hollywood, an image comes to mind. An actor, The clothing, hair, or music all evoke the era of some of the most highly regarded classic films. However these films are only as good as the studio’s which produced them, and the studio system which […]

Risk-taking in the world of Animation and the fears of Development Hell

Hollywood does not like to take risks, I’m pretty sure we all know that. It’s why we’ve had four Transformers films and are reviving Star Wars films for the second time. Those with money want to play it safe, and those without are going to try to copy what is working in order for them […]

Can Staying Out of the Gossip Mags Hurt You in Hollywood?

While waiting in the grocery line I have always noticed that there are certain celebrities that frequent the publicity magazines; the Kardashians, Britney Spears, Lindsey Lohan, Brad and Angelina. Some of these people (I’m looking at you Kim) use publicity to their advantage. The stories that are told in these magazines keep them relevant, as […]

Hollywood vs. the Nashville Music Scene

As seen in Hortense Powdermaker’s publication Hollywood the Dream Factory, the industry of writing in Hollywood can often fall into the pattern of a formula. There is the desire to create an entirely different story, and original, while at the same time not wanting to forget that maybe what you as a creator have in […]

Give The Audience What It Wants.

  I want to take a look at this statement and the questions it raises about management practices and culture within the studio system. Hortense Powdermaker makes reference to this sentiment in her book Hollywood, The Dream Factory, when discussing the relationship between the front of house executives and producers and the production teams (the creative laborers) responsible for crafting the films that […]

Self-Doubt In Hollywood and Beyond

  As we approach the end of our fourth year at Wheaton, we are all feeling a mix of emotions. Right now, excitement, anxiety, bee screaming terror (don’t worry I’ll get back to Nicolas Cage later) battle against each other, as we one day hope to feel security in the career paths we have chosen. […]