Miley Cyrus: How the Celebrity Figure Can Widen the World of Creative Industry

Miley Cyrus. Ever since her innocent years as a Disney star in the thriving television series Hannah Montana, her name has fit into the category of pop icon. Sure, the image one thinks up when they hear the name Miley Cyrus may have changed drastically since those beginning years. She was the cute brunette, the girl smiling in the sparkles, the one dating the Jonas brother with the purity ring, someone you could trust as your daughters role model. Now while those images may no longer fit to the label Miley Cyrus, one has to admit that the familiarity in the Miley Cyrus itself makes this twenty two year old girl a pop figure.

She’s a singer, a song writer, an actress, a model, and she does in fact use her voice to speak out for numerous charities. So when seeing these lists of things that make up the popular personality of Miley Cyrus and also considering Rosamund Davies and Gauti Sigthorsson’s book Introducing the Creative Industry: From Theory to Practice, one question does come into my mind: Where does a celebrity figure such as Miley Cyrus fit into the creative industry?

Ever since her performance on the VMAs in 2013, Cyrus became the type of celebrity that wouldn’t necessarily be a mothers favorite. Up on that stage, she could no longer be seen as the innocent Disney star. Now, instead, she would be attached to the vulgar side, the one with drugs, sex, alcohol, and once again, because it seems to be the go to label with her name — drugs. She’s no longer a poster child, and this seems to be where Miley Cyrus utilizes the creative industry. Not just utilize it for herself either but almost for the industry as a whole. This new image that she created while dancing at the VMAs allowed for so many aspects of the creative industry to find success, to widen, and to just simply expand on numerous levels. As Davies and Sigthorsson mention on page 17 of Introducing the Creative Industry: From Theory to Practice, “creativity is spread across organizations and teams – that it is, in fact, a product of systems and processes, specific to each sector”. So yes, although someone might see Miley Cyrus’s tongue dancing and music to not be artistic, maybe they even consider her song writing to be a disgrace for the creative world, that still does not erase the fact that a pop icon, one like Miley Cyrus, is what allows the creative industry to exist in a successful level. With out someone like Miley, maybe that one journalist looking to make a stamp somewhere in the industry wouldn’t have a topic to write about. Maybe they’re opinion on Miley’s display while interviewing with Jimmy Fallon got their name into a magazine, gave them something to represent there creative work with, a chance to be noticed in the creative world.

Then of course there is also the piece that this crazy persona of Miley’s makes her so marketable. With even marketing fitting into the definition of the creative industry, Miley Cyrus again allows opportunity and growth. She gives a company such as MTV, SNL, People Magazine, and numerous others the ability to advertise themselves to a maximum level. Just having her host the VMA’s this year made the program the most watched award show in television history. And why was this possible? No, it may not have been all because of Miley Cyrus. However, her pop icon personality allowed numerous brands to spread the word, to get people interested, to give so many aspects of the creative industry something to talk about. Pop Icons such as Miley Cyrus are the engines that keep the creative world running and although there are people out there who will refuse to admit it, with out these stars, there would be a lot fewer opportunities in the creative industry.


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