Reflections on the Future: I Knew This Would Happen

In solidarity with my peer’s piece on the future I offer my own thoughts on the end of my life, commonly referred to as graduation.  In gearing up for my senior year of college I found myself considering the repercussions of what I had, or rather had not done, in the past 3 years of college. Even with 2 major’s in the liberal arts, I am caught between mainly non-profit and/or policy work and the alternative job opportunities offered by Film and New Media studies. I am constantly caught trying to give an honest assessment of my own creative abilities versus those of my peers.

After a lengthy conversation with my mother,  about the upcoming studies in my final year of college, she asked me a simple question

“What are your plans after you graduate?”

“bahahahha, I have no idea.” because obviously with 1 year left in my bachelors that is not something I needed to know. labor market 2

“No, really.” she demanded

“Oh. you’re serious… ummm  ya i still don’t know…”

I expected this question from lots of people as I prepared for the year. But while I had considered the options provided by my studies and past internships I had never fully considered that I have no idea what I am going to do in the future. It has become increasingly evident that the labor market today is a difficult system to breach. less secure and ever changing the labor market becomes a representation of a  high functioning but ultimately unreliable space for the worker of today. Mike Deuze examines this problem in a section of his work entitled, Key Trends in Media Work, he alludes to the fact that the variables inherent in the production of a media product make an economically unsound strategy for producing content in the marketplace. (64)

Having seen the working schedule of an independent contractor, I can carefully consider the position I have put myself in.  Not only will my work be entirely dependent life in workforceon the need of the consumer, But I,  along with other students in my position, must then ask if my past work and skills, are valuable enough to ensure that I, as opposed to my peers, ensure a job.

I might not be a magician behind the camera or in the editing room but if I am being honest there are ties when I finish a film with a terrible script, awful cinematography, or both, which has  made it to the screen. How many times after watching a crappy original piece, or a crude adaptation have I thought I would have made different/better creative choices.

In my studies I have often found the  intersections  of my studies invaluable.  I often find theoretical ideas physically manifested in film or art which create a visualization of ideas and theoretical concepts which are essential to the way I develop my own critical thought. Similarly I find the intersections of race and gender, with regards to representation fascinating in my work and its transferability to my own experience, central to the considerations I make with regards to my future. I embody an underrepresented subject within an industry already rife with young talented professionals working to stand out in an overcrowded field. My difference will always make me stand out. But in this crowd I wonder, will it make it easier to pluck me from obscurity or easier to eliminate me from the competition. Thoughts like these, and this assignment, are the things that keep me up at night.

Deuze, Mark. Media Work. Cambridge: Polity, 2007. Print.

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