Please press ‘HERE’ to start (Part 1)

Press-any-key-to-continueSo this week I wanted to do something different.

While reading Richard Florida’s The Rise of the Creative Class, the whole piece struck me as one that was centered around where the creative class rests in the world today. It talks about who this class is, what they do, how much they earn, where they live and etc. And being a part of this class, I had to wonder, where is my place in regards to creativity?

This is a fundamental question in my mind in regards to my own existence in the creative class. Where do I rest in the concept of creativity?

From there I began thinking about the current methodology of our week to week posts where many of us are so worried about meeting deadlines that we reiterate the same output of our posts week to week. We write a blanket of text, put a few pictures and hyperlinks and we’re done.

This isn’t a bad thing as there are literally millions of webpages which do the exact same thing and no one bats an eye. But while reading about creativity, one line struck me.

“Technological creativity, like all creativity, is an act of rebellion.” (19)

So why not break the system a little? Have a little fun with something that is possibly going to be a fandango of not yet tested ideas and concepts but still something new to the system.

So let’s begin. Please click ‘HERE’ to start.

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