Please press ‘Here’ to start (Part 2)


I connected us to this page because I thought you guys might find this video interesting.

(Originally I was going to do something youtube or reddit and have the post be a comment but I was worried about a) outside interaction and b) how well you’d be able to find it)

It’s an ad for a game but not an ordinary game. Gone are the aliens and shooting and it’s replaced with a concept, an idea where the use of interactive story telling is used to explore a persons mind. I wanted to start here because I felt like it was fitting to start with a product that also decided to take a new look into a fairly standard concept of what a product is.

But how about I start telling you about my little idea. Well first off I want to preface this with how I am doing a project that involves game design, and the most distinct part of game design is allowing the user to interact with media in someway. If this user interaction wasn’t there it would be a movie or video or book.

And that got me thinking, most online text based posts are non interactive, they ask the reader to absorb information but never interact. Yes there are hyperlinks but those experiences act separately than the ones that brought you there. In reality there is no way to connect between your post and the posts you link to. So why can’t we make text based posts interactive?

I wanted to take this idea of an interactive experience and take you on a little trip.

Please click ‘HERE’ to learn the rules. (Hint, look at the comments)


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