Children of the 90s vs. Children Today.

I really enjoyed reading Florida’s The Rise of the Creative Class and loved the conversational tone that was spewing throughout the whole piece. Especially in chapter one when he talked about The Creative Age, and more specifically in the introduction ‘The Transformation of Everyday Life’. Florida talks about a figurative experiment where he tells us to take a man from the 1900s and place him in the 1950s, then take a man from the 1950s, and put him in today’s society. Then he asks us, “who would experience the greater change?”  As I continued to read on Florida says, “a person from the turn of the twentieth century would be awestruck by a world filled with baffling technological wonders.” Florida also mentions how, “someone from the early 1900s would find the social world of the 1950s remarkably similar to his own”, and this got me thinking. Although fifty years passed not much changed between the year 1900 and 1950, that isn’t the case for today’s generation. Being a 90s baby myself, I’ve noticed a lot of changes in the way I grew up, opposed to the way kids are growing up now. With the rapid advancement in technology kids born in the 90s would find the social world today extremely different.


90s Baby


Kids Today

Due to the increase in technology kids today are growing up way too fast, they have access to things that kids from the 90s never did. I remember as a child, when I got home from school I would do my homework and then play outside. I would never want to just sit around in the house, I’d walk to my neighbor’s house and play on his trampoline, or we’d draw with chalk in my driveway. You couldn’t drive down any street in my neighborhood without seeing kids playing outside. Nowadays kids are glued to their televisions, computers, or gaming systems. I rarely see kids out playing anymore, and if I do their all on their phones, not even paying attention to one another. There are a lot other things that have changed since then. If a child from the 90s was made to live with today’s generation, they would feel really out of place. Children today start looking, dressing and acting more mature earlier in life. They dress like the people they see in the media, famous actors and actresses, they just want to be like their supposed “role models”.

Sadly children of today’s generation will never experience the things that “made” being a 90s baby so unique. No passing notes in class because now everyone has a cell phone. I doubt many kids today have even seen a vhs, because Netflix is so easily accessible. They’ll never know what it feels like to have your favorite CD scratched, or have their Tamagotchi die and they’ll never know what the dial-up tone sounds like or how to play minesweeper (even though we never really knew how to play it ourselves).



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