Bohemia and Banana Shirts: The Image of Squalor in Bohemia.

So, before I really get into this post, I wanted you all to check out a song. Music and Bohemia kind of go hand in hand and Chicago, in general, has always had a great music scene (if you have time check all the songs mentioned in the reading), but I’m actually posting the song, […]

Non-Conformity: The Punk Rock Tradition turned into Conformist Bohemia

As I was reading Sociologist Richard Lloyd’s Neo-Bohemia: Art and Commerce in the Post Industrial City I found myself connecting the reading to my senior capstone project on the punk rock movement. I was thinking about the creative class and its connection to gentrification. I was also thinking about the components of punk rock and […]

The Bartender: Living a Double Life

Recently, a friend and I decided to have a change in pace for the weekend. We headed up to Boston to check out this bar she had been raving about for months now. It was a cold Saturday night, we considered ourselves lucky that the line of around ten people fit indoors. We were greeted […]

The Perks of Neo-Bohemia

Yes, I know. Here I am, talking about music again. It’s almost impossible to believe that I once never talked about this thing called music. Like honestly, here I am with yet another blog chiming on and on about what seems like the same idea. But see, with my mind, that is constantly the problem. […]

Spike Lee VS Michael Rapaport: Gentrification and Do The Right Thing

Richard Lloyd does an excellent job in his book Neo-Bohemia, Art and Commerce in the Postindustrial City of being informative and academic on the issue of bohemian lifestyle.  Lloyd discusses the factors leading to urban neighborhoods becoming a center for artists to locate, focusing mainly on Chicago’s Wicker Park through the 90’s.  While Lloyd does […]

So Much Beauty in Dirt

While reading Richard Lloyd’s book Neo-Bohemia: Arts and Commerce in The Post Industrial City I was struck by a quote in the chapter entitled “Grit as Glamour” that stated, “the construction of the Wicker Park scene drew upon both local history and the accumulated mythology of the artist in the city as important resources. Young […]

Norwalk, Connecticut: or, On the Water, On the Move

I would like to play sociologist for the day; I imagine there’s no toy hard hat or child-sized lab coat I can put on to costume myself for this career. I’ll put on my thinking cap, and that will have to do. On a Thursday morning in March of 1994 I made my first visit […]