Keeping up with the Technology

z2oo3kq0pqgumeoraxqgUpon reading Littleton’s book ‘TV on Strike: Why Hollywood Went to War Over the Internet’ I felt this huge disconnect from the reading concerning the events that occurred between 2007 and 2008. To be honest I still kind of do. Being around 14 at the time and living thousands of miles away from the United States, I was ignorant of such events.

What I did understand though, is how in recent years, the increasing pace in which technology is changing is scaring the crap out of people. While at the same time consumption of information is just increasing exponentially. These two thoughts are interrelated and go hand in hand. People now have the ability to access information and media with the swipe of a phone screen of the click of a mouse. Seriously, I could be all the way across my room and yell “Hey Siri, what temperature is it?” And Siri would respond, in a seamless merger of information and technology instantaneously. Not that I do that. That would be lazy.

Anyways, I guess this post is really serving to help me understand the fears and concerns that many of the writers involved in the strike may have had. So many movies and TV shows are being consumed online now. Everyday people marathon through entire seasons of shows and watch movies back to back. Not being compensated adequately for the insane demand that digital media has created creates a huge problem. Especially for the creative workers that will be involved in the industry as technology and digital media begins to play an even larger role in our lives.binge_watching_television_infographic

Levitan was quoted saying “We’re a generation that has been entitled; so many things have been handed to us. It just felt good to do something that was in some way selfless and that was going to benefit people long after were gone. I wanted to be part of something where we showed some backbone.” I think that this is important to draw attention to because it highlights that the industry must continue to change in order to not only accommodate new workers but also new technology. This especially in the creative industry where everything from work ethics to structure has changed drastically over the years.

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