Exploitation is Exploitation is Exploitation

Last year I took John Miller’s econ class Sweatshops in the World Economy in which we examined the ongoing impacts of globalization, free trade and capitalism on working conditions both abroad and in the United States. Throughout the semester we were given four definitions of a sweatshop and asked to choose the one we felt […]

Amateur activism, or, classless broadcast

Fellow majors, I address you directly: the time has come for our last official reading. And what a ride it’s been! I know more about the workforce I’ll (hopefully) soon enter than I ever thought possible. This still may not prepare me for a career, but we can dream. Anyhow. The chapters we’re focusing on […]

To The Internet and Creatives: An Open Rant About Getting No Collar Jobs & The Value of Creative Work

Preface Andrew Ross’s book Nice Work If You Can Get It was insightful and a very good read.  Ross studied job insecurity and the new trends of the workplace and did so at an emerging time.  He contrasts the sweatshop style labor to the new trending style of creatives in the U.S. This rant should […]

The Rise of Technology: The Snapper vs. The Photographer

By far, my favorite form of social media is Instagram. In my free time, I’m usually multitasking, and it’s involved a good 80% of the time.  I love going through peoples photos, as I see photography as the best form of personal expression. When I’m on Instagram, though, it’s clear to see the difference between […]

The Problem with the Creative Industries or: The One Where Thomas Writes Way Too Much About Music

I had the pleasure of listening to Marc Maron’s WTF podcast last week. His guest on the show was musician/music producer Steve Albini. Albini was the founding member of one of the most sarcastic aggressive bands to come out of Chicago’s punk scene, Big Black (abrasive might be a bit of understatement in describing their […]

That big ol’ double edged sword.

Ah copyright. The bane and love of many a creative individual. The fact of the matter is that copyright is as much a headache as it is a godsend when it comes to those who strive to make their way into the creative industries. It can help protect your materials that you have spent countless […]

DVR: A Helping Hand or a Hand in the Cookie Jar?

Cynthia Littleton’s, TV on Strike: Why Hollywood Went to War over the Internet, is a great read. Littleton talked about the Writers Guild of America Strike and the issues they faced during the strike. Her journalistic take on the issues really made this an enjoyable read. In one of the sections of this book she […]

Copyright, Parodies, Remix.

Hey guys, remember Intro to New Media? Don’t you look back and sigh when thinking about how the homework for that class was read this article, pin a Pinterest pin, and “tweet about anything”? The class was often quote-worthy: “My $7.99 per month on Hulu… I don’t feel bad about that at all. It’s research.”-Stenger […]

The Semiotics of Compromise

The message is clear. We all need to learn how to communicate better. Miscommunication and fear defines negative interactions. Experience and education define the ways that we interpret and understand one another. It’s a basic idea of semiotics: the tree that I imagine when I say the word ‘tree’ isn’t the same one that you imagine. If […]

The Dignity of Labor

Earlier in the semester, Talitha asked our seminar if anyone would be wiling to work as a Production Assistant for $2 an hour. Some people said yes, others said no. Our discussion turned to how this would ruin the market for everyone–if there are people willing to work for $2, who truly have the choice and […]