Are You A TruthSeekah?

While I am new to podcast listening, there seems to be endless possibilities for podcast topics including news, entertainment, and society. Podcasts provide a variety of ideas for individuals to tune in on while dually creating a community of listeners based around a particular interest.
A podcast in particular that I found eye catching is titled The TruthSeekah which can be listened to on both Spotify and iTunes. The podcast is hosted by a hiphop artist, author, and speaker . TruthSeekah discusses spiritual, esoteric, and metaphysical ideas that are not frequently discusses on public radio. One of the most known episodes of The TruthSeekah, The Lady Who Built A UFO Watchtower, invites a woman named Judy Messoline from Hooper, Colorado, to discuss her beliefs on alien activity of which she observes from a self made watchtower. After being featured on a podcast episode, Judy Messoline is now well known for her exposed curiosity in alien life.
Other episodesdiscuss topics such as the intrinsic human connection to nature and other forms of spirituality. TruthSeekah is active on Facebook, Twitter, and has his own page on Patreon to help fund his pursuit in sharing these spiritual ideas.
The internet is the driving force for the disintermediation of radio, taking out the necessity of a carrier to host a radio show, podcasts are the product of radio merged with the possibilities the internet provides.What many enjoy about soundwork and radio in particular is how it functions as another presence in your home, in your car, and now anywhere you go thanks to smartphones. Listeners can continue their daily duties while tuning in to their favorite podcasts.
While the TruthSeekah podcast discusses radical beliefs of which do not have evidence to confirm them as valid facts, it is an example of how podcasts allow anyone to share ideas whether fact or fiction.The purpose of the podcast is demonstrated in its title where the speakers are actively seeking truth through discussion. There is no misconception that could confuse a listener into assuming that these discussions are fact based. While it is important that valid facts are communicated, it is also necessary for us to have the space to communicate our beliefs. This exercise of communicating our beliefs reassures us of our mutual existence whether our beliefs clash or not; to share our thoughts and be heard even if only by a microphone.
 As Nicco Mele has communicated both in his book The End of Big and his lecture visit at Wheaton College, MA, it is important we tend to the individual while finding ways to rebuild a sense of community. Radical connectivity has provided many opportunities but has rendered our experiences to be solely individualized leaving behind a sense of togetherness we once had. Podcasts being a form of radio are essentially a timeless form which even older generations can find themselves listening to. We all have our own process in seeking truth, we all have our own truths we are searching for. Podcasting allows us to discuss our ideas with others without physical barriers. No matter how out there our beliefs may seem, there will always be someone who is interested in listening.

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