One of the few things worth hitting Reply All for

The podcast, ‘Reply All,’ was launched by Gimlet Media in 2014 as one of the podcasts that support the company. ‘Reply All’ is hosted by PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman who used to host a technology and culture radio broadcast before they came to the show. The show has a similar feeling to This American Life; they tell stories about how the internet is shaped by people and how their stories have a similar emotional power to This American Life. Also, one of the founders of Gimlet was a producer on the acclaimed NPR show so it makes sense that they share similarities.

They use the internet and pieces of technology to discuss themes that extend well beyond the confinC0RXVIRW8AEPfi3es of just what happens on the internet. Their first episode is about expressing love by delivering a message with a stranger, their second about doctors posting gross medical related pictures on an Instagram-like site, and one of their most recent episodes was about exploring nostalgia with flash games. Each episode ranges in the topic, but no matter what they talk about it will always connect to emotions or human experience.

This is the best thing about the podcast. They have this uncanny ability to take any experience we have on the internet and evaluate the impact on people. Hosts PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman are adept at interviewing the people on their show to get an emotional response. They are using a medium to make connections with thousands of people through Gimlet distributing their podcast.

Now I bet you’re wondering how often you can join this experience, well, they air new episodes every Thursday at 6am eastern time. They just aired their 106th episode, each one with the same level of professional feel. They will normally run between 20-40 minutes, long enough to tell a good story and brief enough to hold your attention.

As far as their advertisers go, they generally consistently have different ones ranging from Squarespace to other internet companies. Vogt and his cohost Goldman generally make a joke along with the ads so they have some entertainment value. In the first download-1.jpgepisode, they called an advertiser so they could explain their product. That being said, it is still a very highly rated show with many five star reviews on iTunes. Looking at the comments on ‘Reply All’ Facebook account, there is an about equally mixed group of people watching it. Women seem to watch it as much as men. All of the comments are from people fully engaged in watching the show and showing it to their friends and their friends.

So, after hearing all about it, are you going to listen to it and hit reply all?


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