Do you know HBO?

Home box office, also known as HBO, provides a new way of watching shows and movies.

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HBO website offers a variety of options to the viewer

HBO network has impacted the way we watch and what we watch on both television and the movie industry.

Just a little history:

HBO, the network that has taken over not only the television industry, but the film industry too, has expanded has revolutionized the alliance between the two industries.

HBO began its rise to fame in September 1975, when SATCOM I put HBO on the map as the dominant force in pay-cable service. Besides its expansion to 262 cable systems across the country, its victory against the FCC gave cable television further First Amendment protection, thus expanding the cable industry growth.


By 1980, basic cable households were more than double from 17.5 million in 1980 to 35.4 million due to the variety of channels they had access to. However, despite all of these channels, HBO was the leader in premium channels (Holt 26). Do to being the unique, satellite-fed nationwide network in 1975, HBO sales grew almost every year. Although HBO had its accomplishments, it did grow competition; Showtime and The Movie Channel. Although both networks had its fair share of subscribers, HBO still maintained its complete market dominance (Holt 27).

HBO had so much power over the studios from its unique position in the pay TV-market that it was able to negotiate extremely favorable contracts for Hollywood product and command artificially low prices, as the studios saw it.”

-Jennifer Holt Empires of Entertainment

HBO had become such an influence and powerhouse, that the president of HBO said they even bought “virtually every movie made in Hollywood.” (Holt 28) HBO had so much influence, due to financing, that they began to have more control over the films being produced. HBO’s ways of controlling impacted the balance of power between the major film studios and the pay-cable industry (Holt 28).

HBO began revolutionizing the alliance between the cable network and the film industry.

However, HBO’s control upset many studios and eventually had to be the link between the studios product and the audience for their product on cable.  Eventually, after years of the competition taking different approaches to shut HBO from its tracks and the endless court involvements, the shift towards the vertical/horizontal integration and the cable industry were being revalued and revolutionized.

HBO didn’t just stop their expansion there.

HBO provides its content not only through the television, but allows its subscribers to view its content through different forms of digital media.

HBO revolutionized the variety that a viewer has in watching what has been selected from their HBO network, for they have the option to watch their content from the movie selection on their television, the HBO app (giving access to HBO Go), and on their website.


HBO GO app being accessed on different platforms

HBO even has different partners, such as having a Hulu, Amazon, or Spotify account, can allow you to access their network, thus expanding their network to more audiences.

HBO has gone through tough periods on control, but in the end, inspiring and collaborating with other networks to expand the cable and film industry.



Holt, Jennifer. Empires of Entertainment . Rutgers University Press , 2011.

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