Maintaining The Artist


Guilds in Hollywood are essential to the creative industries as without guilds, the industry would needs these to enable to the show to go on. These are unions that maintain an efficient work atmosphere for workers in entertainment. It is easy to lose oneself in the hustle and bustle of show business which is why unions are in place to ensure a professional environment is maintain and finances and creativity are protected.


A particular area of interest in the entertainment industry is that of the Art Director. It is the set that provides a visual foundation for an entertainment experience. Art Directors are responsible for all aspects of a visual before the camera comes in to play including set design, lights, costume, etc.  Today, many Art Directors stand together in the Art Directors Guild which is built around the Local 800 International Alliance of Theatrical and Stage Employees (IASTE). This union represents employees in the entertainment industry that specialize in Art Directing, Graphic Arts, Illustration, Matte Art, Model Making, Production Design, Scenic Art, Set Designing and Title Art. Any Art Director or Production Designer who have performed cover work under the Local 800 or IATSE is eligible to become a member in the Art Directors Guild.

There are more than 140,000 members in this union and all members receive benefits from the local 800 IASTE Union including ability to work in ADG Jurisdiction, a heath plan, pension or 401(k) Minimum wage scale, grievance procedure, training and education, access to employment information, production listing, weekly eNewsletter, Website recognition, ADG Magazine, Film Society, Gallery 800, Figure Drawing Workshop, Credit Union, and Actors Fund. What is great about these benefits is not only do they support Art Directors financially, they also provide ways in which to help them better themselves as artists allow them to grow and expand their bounds of creativity.


Since the early 1900s Art Directors have stood together in order to maintain standards in their workplaces. In 1929 the Art Directors League was started although throughout most of 1900s, it was a fight to have their voices heard. In the early 2000s, the guild had solidified the national jurisdiction after they appointed three representatives from surrounding regions and found themselves offices to continue this work in.

It is necessary these guilds continue to run and adapt to the many changes that the entertainment industry faces as technology advances. Whether it be in the creative or any other industry, the best work comes from the most well maintained workers. We must never neglect the importance of education, growth, and adaptation to our every changing environment.

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