Precarious Creatives

New Media, and broadband specifically, has allowed for the creative industries to become more democratized through various sites like Patreon and YouTube. However, the creatives who are working under the constraints of the six conglomerates who dominate the media we consume are often left in a state of precarity as their needs are often left out of the equation. These real people, who are essentially responsible for many of the television shows and movies we enjoy on a regular basis, are underappreciated, undervalued, and underrepresented. If it weren’t for their creative contributions, we would not have many of the visual masterpieces we enjoy.

Fortunately, many creative industries are protected by unions and guilds that negotiate wage minimums and working conditions, provide pension and health benefits as well as mediate disputes between employees and employers. However, as industries diversify, many creators are suffering from job insecurity. This is certainlyamericas next top model.jpg the case for reality television which became much more prominent as being a way for studios to make money without providing security to the workers. The unscripted nature of the industry is the reason it bypassed the ability to be represented and protected by unions. They weren’t writers, in the traditional form, yet it has been argued that editing and piecing together hours of footage is essentially taking the position of “writing” the story.

The workers who participate in producing any sort of creative content should be just as protected and compensated as any other member in the creative industry. Without creativity, we lose culture.


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