Giants of Entertainment Vs. Netflix

Over the past decade or so, the entire media, film, and television industry itself has once again undergone vast and rapid changes. One of the largest and relatively unforeseen disruptors of the creative industry has been the popularization and success of the online streaming service, Netflix. The company’s rise to success was so quick and expansive within the span of a few short years, that much of the giants of the media industry such as Disney, Comcast, and AT&T have now been forced to play catch-up with Netflix and format themselves into more personalized, on demand streaming services instead of the increasingly outdated traditional model of cable television.”The direct-to-consumer streaming video business model refined by Netflix is the reason Disney and Comcast chased 21st Century Fox with such fervor. It was a big part of AT&T’s motivation for scooping up Time Warner.” (Littleton)

Which incidentally includes HBO Go, a highly successful subscription based streaming service, with the hopes to compete directly with Netflix. This business strategy will be quite a significant change for the AT&T and allow it to more directly compete for space on people’s smart TVs and phones. HBO’s previous model was for people to pay a small fee, and then to create very few but high quality shows that draws in subscribers. Whereas the Netflix model is to overwhelm people and pump out as much original content as they can on a mass scale. For example, traditional television channels would order a pilot for a new show, and then decide whether or not they would go forward with an entire first  season, whereas Netflix always orders an entire first season, and then decides whether or not to create more seasons of said show.

Disney is soon to unveil their own streaming service as well. Although their library of shows and movies may not be quite as large, they have a considerable collection of highly popular movies and television franchises such as Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars, and of course Disney branded content. Currently a majority of Disney’s recent movies such as Guardians of the Galaxy, Star Wars, Avengers, and etc. can all be found on Netflix, but will eventually and promptly be pulled from Netflix’s roster of films, to supplement Disney’s new streaming service.

As time progresses, many wonder if any of theses companies will be able to defeat Netflix at its own game, or if Netflix will remain at the top as the king of streaming services.

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