Art from the Garage

1Man1Garage is an Etsy shop run by Marcus Williams, which creates intricate woodworking art and projects.  Started in 2013, Williams and co-owner Sj Stone accumulated the tools they wanted to complete their designs and from Williams’s garage as a space to develop their designs before creating their Etsy shop. Now in 2017, Williams and Stone and their expanding team not only create their Etsy shop but to create art on a physical platform, a silver bullet, mobile home turned into a shop.

On Etsy, their current follower count is 22,592 with 21,229 recorded sales, while their Instagram has attained 2,000 followers. While they do not take customize requests due to their setup, the shop markets itself around beautiful, whimsical woodworking gifts that can come premade, but are primarily sold in pieces for self-assembly as a type of kit. Due to the holiday season, they are currently featured on Etsy, not as a shop overall but specifically marketing ornament kits. By observing the detailed structure of their shop and clean design, it is clear that Williams and Stone know their market values quality and detail and takes the time to make everything look just so while emphasizing the products accessible design.

1Man1Garage and Etys overall exemplifies aspects of Hartley’s thesis in Creative Economy and Cultural Challenges, Changes and Futures for the Creative Industries, through physical technology innovation and the use of internet through connecting to a wider market.

“We see urban and digital technologies, their productivity and capacity to create new ideas and to distribute them across whole populations, as a proxy for those same qualities in human culture.” (Hartley, 4)

This statement highlights how creative market platforms like Etsy, create a direct connection of creator to the buyer, while also cultivating a specific creative space. Unlike Amazon or other online shops, Etsy specifically works off the basis of users as both creators and consumers, expanding productivity and innovation in a shared environment. While Etsy still acts as a middle-man, the peer-to-peer connection between users filling multiple roles expands the market. William’s and Stone have matched their image of rustic whimsy to that of Etsy’s overall brand, and from this platform have been enabled to expand into the larger culture of artisan sale. Now on their website, not only is their Etsy storefront linked but also a list of their physical locations or extensions and events.

While still a developing shop, Williams and Stone take pride in their work and navigating the struggles and triumphs of making their mark the culture developing around creative industries.



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