The Complete Apple Takeover

Apple’s innovation techniques are the reason that their products are our number one need when it comes to our technological world. Social culture and the desire for the newest and best has consumed us completely, especially when it comes to our phones. Apple has created this marketing feud where they made it nearly impossible for anyone to have another phone brand. Whether it is the aesthetic of iMessage, the quality of it’s now three cameras, or the regular updates of it’s iOS features that Apple supplies consistently to their consumers.

We all remember the Blackberry! The phone every business and middle-schooler had in the mid-late 2000’s. This one changed the way people interacted with each other that no one has seen before. It was now easier than ever to write emails and go on the internet with the innovations that the Blackberry brought opposed to the traditional keyboard or flip phone. When the iPhone came out, Blackberry was fast to see the competition but failed to make any innovations that the consumer wanted that wasn’t already supplied by the NEW iPhone.

Apple claims to have 43% of web traffic on mobile phones. With so many blended cultural boundaries in today’s media, there is no question why iPhone is at the top. You can do anything with your iPhone, and they always seem to stay ahead of the competition when it comes to brand new innovation.

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