Writer denied credit for Thor: Ragnarok

The purpose of writers guild of America is to negotiate contract terms with writers for movies and shows. Writers should be paid for their work ethically but the guild is a contract and whatever the contract states, should it be followed? Credits are an indicator to who did the most of the work on a certain project. This is a story about how Stephany Folsom, a screenwriter who did not get credit by WGA for her work in Thor: Ragnarok. She explains that Marvel is trying to save heir company’s name rather than work with their own employee. When asked to comment, The WGA and Marvel (who is the production company for the superhero movie) declined. It seems like WGA has a system in place for the complaints and war against writers.

Some of the tweets by Folsom reads,
“Gross” or not, it is permitted: WGA rules say that “prior to the final determination of screen credits … the work of participants not receiving screen credit may be publicized by the Company.”
“Marvel gave me ‘story by’ credit on THOR RAGNAROK and the writers’ guild denied me the credit due to guild regulations,” tweeted Stephany Folsom.

Not getting credit for having a part in a blockbuster movie is wrong but the terms are something that you cannot really fight against, especially against Marvel who is a big organization. Folsom is still fighting for her credit by appealing to a policy review board.

Handel, Jonathan. “’Thor: Ragnarok’ Writer Denied Credit by WGA, Cries Foul.” The Hollywood Reporter, 13 Sept. 2017, http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/thor-ragnarok-writer-denied-credit-by-wga-cries-foul-1038931.

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