Has Back to the Future come to an end?


That is a question that many fans have been asking themselves for a really long time. The Back to the Future franchise craze started in 1985 with the release of the original Back To The Future movie. The science fiction-adventure comedy film not only became the highest-grossing film in 1985 but also became an international phenomenon that lead to two more movies. The 3 movies are distributed by Universal Studios and produced by Bob Gale and Amblin Entertainment. Back To The Future’s trilogy is the product of Robert Zemeckis, who was in charge of writing and directing the trilogy. The franchise follows the adventures of Marty Mcfly (Michael J. Fox), a high school student who is helping Dr. Emmett Brown (Christopher LLoyd), a scientist who just invented time travel. Although no more movies are planned to be made in the near future, the series remains popular after expanding across different media channels, such as television and video games, establishing itself as one of the first franchises.




After the release of “Back To The Future”, the movie became an instant international sensation and had an immense impact in the culture of the time that went on to create a movement. The trilogy was a pioneer in many often used nowadays techniques such as the inclusion of easter eggs inside their films. There are many examples of this within the movies, for example, Universal Studios included referring to Jaws, one of their biggest blockbusters, by promoting a fictional futuristic Jaws movie while Marty visits the future. The films also crossed borders within industries collaborating with companies from different markets like Mattel, which had a hoverboard made for the film, or Pepsi also collaborated in the movie designing a futuristic Pepsi drink that is shown when Marty Mcfly travels to the future as well.

Although no more movies were made after the original trilogy, Back To The Future expanded itself as a franchise through many other media channels. Following the movement in the 1980s of the mass media conglomeration, Back To The Future quickly reached across entertainment industries firstly when CBS ran a two season animated TV series from 1991 to 1992. Universal Studios took advantage of its assets and proceed to enlarge the franchise by creating multiple Back To The Future: The Ride across its worldwide themed parks. Quickly the franchise expanded through other media channels having; Video Games, released over the years on many systems like Atari ST, Commodore 64, NES, PC…, Books & Comics, expanding the already existent screenplay and others extending the story, Documentary, released in 2015 from a Kickstarter project featuring interviews and cultural impact, and lastly an upcoming Stage Musical co-written by Robert Zemeckis. 




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