The Alien that created careers

Anyone who aspires to make a career in the creative industries, especially in film, knows they need to have their big “break” to get noticed. Well, the Alien franchise may hold the best track record for giving directors their big breaks. Those directors now hold some of the most well known and decorated films under their belt, all of which happened after their Alien debuts.

Anyone who has seen Alien or any of the sequels, or recent prequels will at the very least appreciate the films, but most enjoy or fall in love with the films. Alien has had huge successes. The franchise became so popular, there are the 4 original films in the series, 2 recently made films for the prequel, there are magazines, books, short stories, web series’, video games, toys, etc.. All dedicated to the Alien franchise. The film blew up the industry.

The Original 1979 Alien film was directed by Ridley Scott. Soon after, in 1982 he directed Blade Runner, another famous classic. From there Ridley Scott has become an extremely decorated filmmaker, and has made some of the best sci-fi films out there. Ridley Scott even came back to the Alien universe and directed the prequels; Prometheus and Alien: Covenant.

Following Ridley Scott’s direction came James Cameron. After his direction of The Terminator, he was hired to direct Aliens, the 1986 sequel to Alien. These two films brought James Cameron to the surface of the film industry. James Cameron is another very decorated filmmaker and is known for his sci-fi and Hollywood epics. Just a couple of his most well known works; Titanic and more recently, Avatar.

Finally, David Fincher. He was the director of Alien 3, which was his directorial debut. David Fincher is very present in the film and television series industry, he creates masterful thrillers and dramas. Two of his many films have made it to BBC’s, “100 Greatest Films of the 21st Century“, Zodiac and The Social Network.

Alien gave life to the careers of three of top directors we know today. This franchise was created and made magnificent by these men, but the franchise is also what made them what we know now. Alien was their big break. Do you think it was worthy of giving them fame?…

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