A Podcast You Should Know

Everyone loves to hear and learn about new things. With the podcast Stuff You Should Know, curiosity has no bounds. The thing that makes this podcast truly special is the fact that it has an episode for almost everything. Whether it is about evolution, art, space, etc. there is no shortage in variety of what this podcast has to offer. The world is full of ideas that are left up to to dive deeper into.

The Podcast

Stuff You Should Know is provided by Stuff Media and hosted by Josh Clark and Charles Wayne “Chuck” Bryant. It first aired back in 2008. Originally, most of the episodes are adapted from written content off of HowStuffWorks.com. Both Josh and Chuck were writers for the website before its transitioning to the podcast. In 2013, SYSK even had a television series on the Science Channel, but would only air for one season. Fortunately, the podcast itself is still running strong.


To this day, new episodes are still being produced, 1386 episodes in total to be exact. The average episode can run anywhere between 20 minutes to an hour long with over 3 episodes a week, so consistency is important for them. The quality is more professionally produced than it is DIY/indie. The podcasts has many advertisers, ranging from Domnio’s to IBM. A great part about this podcast is the ability to watch it on all major streaming platforms and its for free, so anyone can watch and get informed!

Image result for stuff you should know
“Saving Money: Is There Such a Thing as a Free Lunch?”
Charles Wayne “Chuck” Bryant (left) and Josh Clark (right)

In “How Podcasting is Changing the Audio Storytelling Genre” by McHugh, he states, “Podcasters can range from hobbyists who deliver a rambling monologue on their favourite topic heard by a few dozen people, to investigative journalists or narrative storytellers who create well researched and carefully crafted programmes, which are often available as both podcasts and broadcasts and can have many thousands of downloads a month, or more.” I believe that this statement represents SYSK quite well, due to the popularity of the podcast (constantly on iTunes Top 10 Podcasts) and the content presented by Chuck and Josh. I think that a podcast like such is essential to the world that we live in today. In life, we are constantly amazed by the many things that surround us but do not always get a chance to delve deeper.


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