A ‘Pretty Big’ Podcast

The podcast I chose to write about is one that is relatively new and slightly unconventional, but very interesting and insightful. Plus size model, body activist, and television presenter Ashley Graham aired her first episode of ‘Pretty Big Deal’ about a year ago on October 4th, 2018, (it can be found here). The format of her show is simple. Every 45 minute episode consists of her having an in depth discussion with a new guest. Her featured guests can be anyone from Noor Tagouri, a Libyan activist and journalist to Serena Williams to Kim Kardashian. One of the reasons this podcast appealed to me and so many others was it’s organic flow and casual nature. It is not scripted, or rehearsed, and it shows. It is literally just two people and two microphones having a conversation whose topic could range from racial tensions and inequalities in our country to childhood football traditions.

There are eight episodes total at the moment, along with various ‘aftershow’ episodes which expand on the topics spoken about in the previous podcast episode. Every episode is vastly different, some more insightful and meaningful than others, but my favorites would have to be the episodes with Noor Tagouri and actress Gabrielle Union. Noor Tagouri’s episode focuses heavily on the many difficulties muslim, and minority women in general face when trying to break into the entertainment industry. Noor speaks about what an inspiration Oprah Winfrey was to her as a kid because she showed her that it can be done, and that great success, although extremely difficult to achieve in a country like ours for minority women, is possible. In Gabrielle Unions episode, Ashley and Gabrielle discuss, among many things, the difficulty and fear that come with raising young black men within a society like ours, which is still vastly unequal and dangerous for those of color. These episodes are two of my favorites because I think that they contributed to society, in some way they bettered society and those who viewed them because they were insightful, educational, and spoke candidly and truthfully about the issues that matter and are still plaguing the society and world we live in.


Many podcasts focus around interviews of various celebrities, but few that I’ve seen have managed to achieve a nature as candid and open as ‘Pretty Big Deal’. This podcast doesn’t only talk about surface level things, it goes deeper and gives us content that is real and fulfilling, as well as meaningful and leaves us with a deeper understanding or perspective. I think this is a good podcast for anybody to listen to, because it deals with issues that are around all of us, in some form or another.

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