ESPN: First Take with Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman

Ashraya Sapkota

The First take podcast airs on ESPN radio. It is a sports debate podcast hosted by Molly Querim, Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman. Stephen A Smith who has emerged as the face of ESPN recently has brought the show and podcast great attention. The show averages 400,000 to 500,000 daily viewers. Breaking one audience record after another, first take is a go to for sports fans all over the world who want to get an opinion on daily sports takes. One thing McHugh brings up in “How Podcasting Is Changing the Audio Storytelling Genre” is how cultures differentiate in different parts of the world. McHugh brings up how the United Kingdom may have older public broadcasting systems compared to the U.S., of course. This causes them to adjust and listen to more podcasts instead. Since first take covers mostly American sports leagues like the NFL and NBA, United Kingdom sports fanatics may not be watching these sports as much. Although, you may be surprised. The business aspects of these sports are changing broadcasting and podcasting in ways not imagined. The NFL hosts games in London now and this causes UK fans to go and watch whether it be live or in bars. This causes stations like ESPN and the show “First Take” to debate the game but also add a special shoutout to London for hosting it. In the future I predict that First take will go there during the week, setup and host the show from London. Overall this is a good thing for podcasts because it will gain the audience of the U.S. and U.K. to an already famous ESPN show.

More on First Take now, this show has become America’s favorite debate show because of the characteristics of the debaters. Stephen A. Smith is an outspoken individual who is very good at explaining what he thinks and is not afraid to tell you you are straight up wrong. While Max is more laid back and goes more with the stats of these sports and explains it well. This show will continue to bring superstar guests and improve in every way they can.

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