The Alarmist: WHO IS TO BLAME?

When I first find out what podcasts were, I was not very attracted by the idea. Ever since I was young and had no other option but to listen to the radio, my least favorite thing to hear to was radio hosts talking and discussing about different topics. Therefore, when I first heard that those programs were available online to download, I saw no point in listening other people have conversations thus I never gained interest in podcasts. However, years later, I see myself in a society were podcasts are growing exponentially and becoming extremely popular. Industry leader, Spotify, boosts of more than 500,000 podcast titles available on its platform and continues to experience growth in podcasts engagement. Following the current social movement towards the podcast’s phenomenon, I have decided to involve myself with this new form of media and first-hand experience what makes podcasts worth listening to.

Screen Shot 2019-11-11 at 10.28.10 PM.png


While exploring my wide array of options to pick a podcast to follow I came across The Alarmist. This podcast called my attention since they offered a trailer and short previews, which gave me a sense of what I was about embark myself on. The Alarmist is made by Earios, who is a podcasting media network that prosaically produces the podcasts. Earios is a women-oriented company focused in podcasts and looks to have the most influential and engaging women as hosts. They have a numerous amount of shows all with a host as a woman. Earios was launched in 2018 after a successful Kickstarter campaign. The Alarmist, labelled by Apple Podcasts as a comedy, was launched on June 15th, 2019.  The Alarmist is still producing episodes once every week and the last one was released on November 5th, 2019. The show consists of 16 pre-recorded and edited episodes that are released exclusively in the form of a podcast. The episodes typically last an hour, besides their pilot episode “THE TITANIC: WHO IS BLAME?” which lasts around 20 minutes.

The Alarmist is an original podcast that looks at the great disasters that have occurred in history.  The podcast is hosted by Rebecca Delgado-Smith, an actor, comedian and historian enthusiast. She invites many different guests on her show to discuss the moments leading up to the disaster and who is at blame. The podcast advertises LightBox ECnPzw_U0AAt3Jf.jpg-large.jpegand Native Deodorant. These advertisements attempt to target a cultural, modern, middle class audience. Lightbox creates laboratory-made diamonds and Native Deodorant produces natural deodorant. Trying to avoid falling under a dry informative history podcast, the podcast’s setting is casual and incorporates comedy while still providing unique facts about the event. The host and her guests inform the listener while still keeping them entertained. This is what makes the podcast unique, I did not feel as though I was learning, I felt as though I was being entertained.  Delgado-Smith educates others on historical events leaving a clear conclusion at the end of each episode and keeping her listeners captivated wanting more with a preview for the next episode.

I was very confused when I first adventured myself into the podcast since, right after pressing play on the first episode, even before listening to the podcast’s intro, I got introduce to lab diamonds and the process in making them. After hearing the podcast for around a minute, I realized I was listening to an ad giving me a discount code on my next diamonds purchase… The way ads are incorporated in podcasts called my attention as it follows an old-fashioned way, almost sitcom-like type of ads where the ad cuts the story in an important moment. Although this podcast was entertaining, I believe that there are still some major changes to come and revolutionize this growing media form. I am eager to experience the progress of podcast, as they keep expanding creating a rich podcasting ecosystem.

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