The Bodega Boys Are Doing Something Right

As an avid Twitter user, I would say I’m pretty amused and easily captured by the culture this platform has created. In my opinion the conversations, debates, jokes, commentaries, and trends of mainstream culture tends to have its first beginnings on Twitter. Now, Twitter is a huge platform that serves many different communities, but if I had capture my Twitter timeline experience into a being or a form, I would say the Bodega Boys embody that image perfectly!

Ruthless, truthful, straight from the Bronx, and flat-out hilarious, the Bodega Boys is a podcast hosted by Desus Nice, aka Daniel Baker, and The Kid Mero, aka Joel Martinez. If I had to choose one word to describe this podcast it would: irreverent commentary, in the best way possible of course. From sports, to news, to that weird meme that has been circulating around Twitter, you name and Desus and Mero probably have something to say about it. They always know to bring their unique perspective, straight from the Bronx, to every episode of their podcast.

The Bodega Boys are currently running on 117 episodes with the intention of making more. Original the podcast started as a 46 episode series under Complex called Desus v.s Mero. The two go on to make appearances in multiple MTV comedy shows like Guy Code and Joking Off. In 2015, they released their first episode of The Bodega Boys sponsored by the RedBull Studios in New York.

Aside from being a relatively new fan to the Bodega Boys, their podcasts and following has changed into something so much greater than it once was. In 2016, the Bodega Boys had the opportunity to start their own show on Viceland called Desus&Mero which aired until 2018. In 2019, their show was picked up by Showtime, where you can find it now.

So not only do the Bodega Boys have a podcast series that can found on major platforms with days worth of commentary of all things pop culture, but a weekly live show that airs on Showtime. It doesn’t stop there. The Bodega Boys have had the ability to grow a big and loyal fanbase over the years of their various podcast and series. In a way their stories, inside jokes, nicknames have been building up for years in way that if you are a new fan, like me, you’re gonna have to do some catching up. To add more to this fanbase, the commentaries and stories don’t just end at the podcast and T.V shows they go beyond into Desus and Mero’s personal lives, their interaction on social media, and so on.

Maybe it’s a far reach, but the Bodega Boys has created, perhaps, an odd form of a transmedia franchise. The story of the Bodega Boys is a compilation of past work, their current podcast, their current T.V show, their Twitter post, their Instagram stories, their Youtube channel, and so on. If you’re not update on what Desus tweeted the other day or their pre-ShowTime taping videos on Youtube, you might just miss the punch line of the joke. Or all the jokes.

The Bodega Boys are a key examples the transformative use of podcast and the benefits that they can create versus using radio broadcast. Podcasts give us this sense of having the ability to catch up; catch up with the news when we have time, catch up with the stories, catch up with the inside joke we weren’t apart of. I believe that the Bodega Boys have used this very much to their advantage and I applaud them for it.

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