The Joe Rogan Experience

With episode #1380 coming out only two days ago from the publishing of this article, “The Joe Rogan Experience” continues to dominate the podcasting world. The first episode was released on December 24, 2009. The Joe Rogan experience covers everything from comedian culture, professional fighting, technology, and much more to create a versatility that many others try to emulate but fail. The guest-based podcast format that Joe Rogan uses allows him to travel avenues and cross platforms that created a major increase in his marketability. For example, Elon Musk joined the podcast to have a two and a half hour discussion with Joe Rogen.

Sponsorship deals from companies like Cash App, Postmates, Zip Recruiter, and many others shows the eliteness that this Podcast has in internet media, especially in the broadcasting department. These sponsorships allow a podcast’s spending budget to compensate what is needed to make it as professional and entertaining as possible. Video-based podcasts brings a different entertainment aspect to the podcasting world. Most guest-based podcasts rely on having a great set for their videos to impress both the guests and the audience watching. Most podcasts have an average duration of 43 minutes. However, “The Joe Rogan Experience” has an average duration of two and a half hours long.

Having a personalized set allows the host and audience to grow a stronger relationship because of the authenticity that podcasts generate already. Having a relationship with your audience plays a major role in your engagement and credibility, and the podcasts gives an advantage compared to other media outlets and entertainment. “It’s very personal in a way that hosts are really forming relationships in new ways with their listeners” (McHugh, p.74). Having a strong relationship with your audience leads to a stronger engagement and longevity for your podcast and brand.

Most of the earnings come from sponsorships but YouTube revenue does play a factor. Uploading the video portion to YouTube as well essentially doubles the revenue from uploading it to multiple platforms. The versatility of podcasts itself has grown from an audio based platform to its own separate media. What separates Joe Rogan’s podcast from all the other is the consistency in good quality content. Everything is picture perfect from the sound, studio, and overall entertainment that will keep growing as long as the podcast culture keeps booming. After 10 years, evolution of the podcast is what keeps “The Joe Rogan Experience” so popular.

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