TWIT.TV: This Week in Tech’s This Week in Tech is a podcast based out of Petaluma, California. It focuses heavily on the new technology that is released or is rumored to be released.

Episode 0 was recorded on January 17th 2005. However, the platform was started later in April 2005. The platform was started by the host of the show Leo Laporte. They are still producing podcast episodes every week on Sunday at 5:15pm Eastern. There have been 744 episodes. A typical episode is around 2 hours in length.

The podcast is recorded in video and audio from the Twit studio in Petaluma, California and the genre is “Roundtable, Technology News“. Twit is funded through their sponsors. Not only do they have regular commercials throughout their broadcast but they have a specific page on their website which lists out their sponsors. They must be making a fair amount of money from sponsors as they upgraded from a small studio to a larger one in 2011.

The majority of their sponsors are tech companies. This makes sense as many of their watchers trust their opinions on what tech to buy. Some of their sponsors are companies such as “Express VPN”, “Plex”, “Mint mobile”, “Cache fly”. All these companies are based on tech or have some online presence.

In 2016 ranked 8th on “PODCAST INDUSTRY RANKING: TOP 10 PODCAST PUBLISHERS” a study done by “PODTRAC” a podcast analyst company. They had 4,280,000 US unique streams & downloads. has a niche tech enthusiast audience. I added a screenshot from the same “PODTRAC” analytics paper below.

(PODTRAC, 2016)

Leo Laporte said 7 years ago on reddit that “We don’t aim TWiT at any demographic – just tech enthusiasts. I hope what we do is identifiable to people of all ages, races, and nationalities.” Their audience is mainly middle aged men. In this same reddit post he talks about how they have trouble reaching a younger audience but he said that wasn’t in his interest.

All the podcasts on this platform are professionally produced. This Week in Tech is a podcast recorded and produced through twit studios. He hosted various tech shows before he started his own network. in 1998 he hosted The Screen Savers for “Tech TV“. In 2016’s revenue was around $10 million. (This Week in Google episode 414, 2017) has been and will continue to bring in money as the tech industry will continue to grow and money from sponsors will continue to increase.


This Week in Google episode 414″ July 19, 2017.)


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