A Night in Night Vale

“And now for the weather”… my favorite part of each WELCOME TO NIGHT VALE episode. WELCOME TO NIGHT VALE (WTNV) is a 157-episode podcast. However, it also has stand alone live shows, books, and script collections all stemming from the WTNV universe. WTNV releases new episodes bi-monthly, and is available on all streaming platforms, episodes typically are around 25 minutes long. The podcasts can be listened to in any order and is designed to be great as background noise or just easy/quirky listening.

WTNV has an interesting set up, Night Vale is a desert town in the middle of nowhere, and the episodes are in the style of town updates from the community. For example, we hear the local weather which is actually just a song… there is news from the Secret Police… updates on the dark-hooded figures…. etc.

In Night Vale any theory or idea or practice can be real. Nothing works as expected in this town and there is no knowing what new unorthodox reality of that universe will suddenly appear. The first episode you listen to will be confusing and weird to get used to but after listening often it can be followed. However, the episodes are listened to like you would listen to your own local radio station; except sometimes some eccentric comment will grab your attention and then you will actually focus until that update is over.

My personal favorite, the weather updates, are different every episode and are just funky songs from outsourced artists that “depict” what the weather is I guess? Check out the Night Vale Weather channel on Youtube to listen to what is featured 🙂

Anyways, this is a very light, easy to just throw on podcast, but it can also be something you really listen to and try to immerse yourself into their universe. I think that’s what makes this podcast so popular, its versatile and non-chronological, giving the listener whatever intensity they desire.

Will you enter the void of Night Vale?

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