Behind A Creative Education

All I hear as I am reaching the finish line towards graduation, are whispers in my ear screaming that I will not find the job I am looking for. All the questions we have been running from since we first stepped on campus, are becoming a reality. As a Film and New Media major, already […]

Career Choices: Extrinsic vs. Intrinsic Ideals

As a videographer/photographer who stopped worked within the same organization after a year passed, I frequently have bouts where I hope to follow my own unorthodox path as an artist; completely unbound by anyone else. I love making music and creating visual effects, but money is important! Like many others I find myself jumping between […]

Disappointing parents 101: A Job in Creative Industries

The moment a parent holds their baby for the first time, the possibilities seem endless. A doctor, a teacher, a successful writer or maybe even a life-changing psychologist. Whatever it may be, I can guarantee no one has ever thought, “Gee! Maybe they’ll be a social brand manager!”. These parental expectations become even harder to […]

Intellectualizing The Creative

It is perhaps difficult to identify and define specifically what a “creative” is. There are numerous different definitions, and it could even be argued that anyone who defines their work as “creative” could be identified as such. In Creative work careers: pathways and portfolios for the creative economy, Daniel Ashton attempts to address just how […]

Limited Jobs for Unlimited Creativity

As a double major in Film and Spanish it’s not news to me that the industry I chose to soon work in is a tough one. Although much of our society and culture are reliant on the work of creatives- and as stated in Ruth S. Bridgstock’s ‘Skills for creative industries graduate success‘: “the creative […]

Inspiration to Create

It is quite clear that creative industries are a paramount factor of our current economic system. The wide range of careers for someone who wants to be involved in the creative industry workforce includes advertising, architecture, art, crafts, design, fashion, film, music, performing arts, publishing, TV, radio, and video games. These vast professions are considered […]

Key Skills in the Workplace

The topic of employment after graduating is very popular in the United States. Many students suffer from anxiety due to the fact that their futures are uncertain. Many art majors don’t make a career of what they plan on majoring in, but find a future in other industries. “A further proportion will fail to ‘break […]

Taking a Step Back

It is extremely common for people to point out to students studying in a creative field that they should be ready for an unstable life. This is because there are so many layers of skills you must have to be relatively successful. Although the creative field is vast and there are many jobs that fall […]

Sorry Mom I Tried To Get A Job

Many creatives train themselves throughout their time in college but are stuck trying to find themselves a job. Many end up still working in unpaid internships or looking for an “In” to companies. For me this is definitely a great fear because the whole time we are in college we are told to do unpaid […]

Skills, Skills, Skills

As I navigate the monster that is the Creative Industry I always weigh the impact of showcasing my technical or soft skills more while trying to secure a job. My technical skills mean my knowledge of different editing softwares and cameras, and my soft skills of leadership, interpersonal relations, ect. I have found employers are […]