Key Skills in the Workplace

The topic of employment after graduating is very popular in the United States. Many students suffer from anxiety due to the fact that their futures are uncertain. Many art majors don’t make a career of what they plan on majoring in, but find a future in other industries. “A further proportion will fail to ‘break in’ to the creative industries entirely and may eventually pursue careers in other sectors and occupations’ ‘(Bridgestock.6). Universities and institutions have been criticized for making graduates that aren’t ready for the real world. Their work ethic has been scrutinized and have been deemed unemployable. There seems to be a disconnect between what students are bred to think are adequate work skills and what the “real” work world thinks. “The Higher Education Funding Council for England’s national study of employability in higher education (Higher Education Funding Council for England, 2003) reported significant differences between the skills graduates indicated they had developed while at university, and those that managers believed were requirements for employment”(Bridgestock.7). This is telling of the differences between generations. A number of key skills are valued to prepare students to work in numerous fields. These being communication, literacy, problem solving, etc. In my opinion, I do agree that it takes more than knowing kes skills to be a sufficient worker. In order for those skills to be utilized, they need to be contextualized in a proper setting. 


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