Supernatural, Subreddits, and Shippers

Internet intercommunication has been able to propel fan communities by allowing easily accessible and frequent communication. Before the internet, large fandoms engaged in dislocated contact through fan-zines and newsletters, but were only able to truly connect at conventions. Even then, if a fandom was too small there weren’t many physical public outfits for fans to express […]

Eliciting Emotions with Electronics

Last week I was watching the movie District 9 with some friends and I heard someone shout “Oh no! They’re going to hurt it!”. What she was referring to was a human soldier pointing a gun at the head of a small CGI alien child. Even though these characters were non-human computer renderings, they elicited an emotional response […]

Stepping Away From Cable

On the first day of this course, a question was posed in a semi-rhetorical fashion: “If you’re not watching it on a TV, is it still a TV show?”. The answer, despite debate, has become accepted to be yes. At the 2014 Primetime Emmy Awards, Netflix received 31 nominations and 7 awards (mostly technical and […]

The Alternate Ending: The Ethics of Statistical Filmmaking

A film can be a lot of things. It can be the culmination of years of work for a dedicated filmmaker or a multi-million dollar investment for a hollywood executive.  There seems to be a fundamental problem with the studio system in this regard; the creation of art for profit. Since the heavy commercialization of […]

Why Is The Game Never Better?

As technology has allowed for new mediums for storytelling, capitalist structures have consistently sought out new ways to exploit these mediums for maximum profits. Bringing together different forms of media in a synergetic structure of licensing and branding is productive and economically viable for many “franchise”-based intellectual properties. It was only natural, then when video games rose in […]

A View Askew: Indie Cinema in the 90’s

The so-called “Cinema of Cool” started with a handful of young American filmmakers in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. These filmmakers were born out of the post-modern media landscape of changing views towards cinema production and distribution. These filmmakers were all inspiring each other and pushing the genre of “indie” into a more sophisticated […]

TV on Strike: The Rise of Digital Content

One of the first catalysts for the Writers Guild strike was the rise of digital content. Littleton specifically discusses the increase in webisodes, or other additional content specifically derived from consisting television intellectual properties. The problem arose with the place of new media writers in the Hollywood-based traditional landscape. The year from 2006-2007 showed a drastic […]