Future Innovations (VR)

  While I was reading “The Master Switch” by Tim Wu, I could not help but think about the present day innovations that are being made technology-wise today. In Tim Wu’s book, he wrote about the advancements in innovation and technology, from Alexander Bell and international phone calls to the moving picture and television. I […]

Creating Connections

What is a “real” job? Why do people think that art can’t be considered as a real job? There is a lot of stigma in the arts that make people afraid to pursue their passion or joy for wanting to make a living off of their art and what they create. When I hear the […]

The Creative Industry is a Process

Many students who are creative/art majors and want a career in the creative industry will graduate and take on administrative jobs or non-creative jobs as a source of generating income. I think many students take this route because coming right out of college and wanting to pursue their creative endeavors may not be something that […]