Lack of Privacy

We all know that we are getting data taken from what we do daily, whether we search something on google or buy something online. As I am getting older, I am realizing and finding out secret and sneaky ways that data us being taken from us. Through apps and social media, finding out how to […]

Algorithms are Taking Over

While I was reading “We are Data” by John Cheney-Lippold.  Lippold mentioned algorithms and how it is changing our lives and how technology is progressing. I couldn’t help think of applications and social media such as Netflix, Youtube and Instagram and how these sites are now using algorithms to put out their content. “This resulting aggregation […]

Hollywood Keeps Playing it Safe

Now that it is 2018, Hollywood has changed, in terms of the content it produces. It is also changing, but very, very  slowly in terms of representation in front and behind the camera as well as content/movies that are being shown in theatres and on tv. When Hollywood started making movies and trying to capitalize […]

Future Innovations (VR)

  While I was reading “The Master Switch” by Tim Wu, I could not help but think about the present day innovations that are being made technology-wise today. In Tim Wu’s book, he wrote about the advancements in innovation and technology, from Alexander Bell and international phone calls to the moving picture and television. I […]

Creating Connections

What is a “real” job? Why do people think that art can’t be considered as a real job? There is a lot of stigma in the arts that make people afraid to pursue their passion or joy for wanting to make a living off of their art and what they create. When I hear the […]

The Creative Industry is a Process

Many students who are creative/art majors and want a career in the creative industry will graduate and take on administrative jobs or non-creative jobs as a source of generating income. I think many students take this route because coming right out of college and wanting to pursue their creative endeavors may not be something that […]