The Supernatural Fan

Fans of television shows and movies as the series progresses through seasons will connect with the characters and identify with one specific character. While the fan will identify with their chosen protagonist, in their subconscious the fan knows that that character can’t accurately represent them on the fact that it’s all fictional. Supernatural gives the […]

From Television to Web 2.0

Television for a long time was the only way you could watch a TV show, forget about movies. Those you either had to by the tape and VHS player or pay for cable. Even with the tape you still had to have the TV screen to watch the film on. It was the only medium […]

Big Google is Watching You!

Sitting at home on your couch watching television late at night. As advertisements play in between the program your TV analyzes your reactions and stores the information for companies to show more of the same adds to you that you seemed to like. Sound like the science fiction novel 1984 by George Orwell? The technology […]

When Foreign Language Films aren’t Foreign

In the 12th chapter of Robert Marich’s book, Marketing to Moviegoers A Handbook of Strategies and Tactics, discusses the effect of foreign language films in the United States of America. Who watches foreign language films and what effect the genre has on “moviegoers”. He also focuses on the addition of the subtitles on cinema screens […]

Creativity in Franchises

The book Media Franchising Creative License and Collaboration in the Culture Industries, by Derek Johnson, talks about the industry of franchising and the creative rites the media companies had to the specific franchise. To explain this Johnson uses science fiction films as examples; their development from the originals to the re-boots. He mentions, “When we […]

Miramax/Dimension and Spy Kids

The book Ind, Inc. Miramax and the Transformation of Hollywood in the 1990s, Alisa Perren discusses the rise of Miramax in its production and distribution of independent films. For a time through the 1990’s Miramax managed to distribute its films as independent films. She talks about the sale of Miramax to Disney and how slowly […]

Empires of Entertainment and Distribution Change

In her book Empires of Entertainment by Jennifer Holt, she covers the span of 15 years in which media companies gained the freedom to merge into giant “Empires of Entertainment”. Holt Focuses mainly on the 1980’s detailing what she believes is the beginning of empires. Stating that Ronald Reagan had influenced the beginning merge of […]