Not Like The Other D&D Podcasts (ft. The Short Rest Podcast)

Developer Abuse – How Game Designers Enjoy No Job Security

On September 21st, 2018, 250 employees working for the massive game developer Telltale Games were laid off, under what Telltale called a “majority studio closure“. With no forewarning or severance, hundreds of people lost their jobs and were given half an hour to leave the building, save for a small team of 25 workers that […]

The Last of Us Work So Well Together

In 2013, Naughty Dog and Sony Computer Entertainment partnered together to create The Last of Us. It was a story driven game about a cynical, grizzled smuggler named Joel and his newest cargo, 14 year old Ellie, traversing a world ten years after a mutated fungus kick started the zombie apocalypse. Despite the familiar premise, […]

Not Another Patreon Podcast

Rarely have I ever considered donating to a Patreon for a content creator —granted, every time that I’ve been tempted to I had no stable source of income with which to do so. Truthfully, it was likely better that way, as several of the creators that I’d considered good candidates to receive my money turned […]