The Technological Cycle and the Video Game Industry

Tim Wu’s book, The Master Switch: The Rise and Fall of Information Empires, explores the cycle of new technology, in which there is always the potential for something new to come around the corner and usurp power from the current prime technology. For example, when the telephone was invented, the use of telegraphs decreased, and […]

Write What You Like: Passion Projects, Inspiration, and Connectivity

The words of Austin Kleon in his blog post “How to Steal like an Artist (and Nine Other Things Nobody Told Me)” are very inspiring, especially in regards to those interested in the creative industry. The advice ranges from how to get ideas and how to get inspiration for your creative endeavors. Kleon’s steps are […]

Are Job Opportunities in the Creative Industry Truly Precarious?

For the most part jobs in the creative industry are characterized as being precarious and involving episodes of chronic unemployment and underemployment. However, research has shown that despite being known as precarious, the creative industry is growing in popularity. There are a number of reasons why this label has stuck to the creative industry; for […]