The Fate of Web 2.0

With the onset and inception of online social media in the mid-2000s, the concept of the more user friendly Web 2.0 became far more profitable.  Jenkins in this reading goes on to describe the phenomena of Web 2.0 as a means of interfacing between the internet user and the producer that would serve to promote […]

How Obsessed is Too Obsessed?

Fandoms have oft been portrayed in mass media circuits as being conducive to little more than stirring up trouble amongst women and the youth, and it can be said that fandoms have only increased in number. By the mainstream internet, the fan community has become seen as nothing more than an annoyance. The virtual community; […]

Confidence Killers: Cosmo’s Grip on the Female Consumer

Throughout the majority of Duffy’s Remake, Remodel: Women’s Magazines in the Digital Age, the author takes the liberty to comment upon the progress that women have galvanized since the early days of regulated publication. She regards the progress as nothing short of phenomenal, and notes the rise of magazines detailing subjects mostly for and by […]

The Shrinking Role of Television

The television’s role in society as talked about in Bennett and Strange’s Television as Digital Media has begun to shrink in the face of more personalized experiences provided by newer media devices and services. The usage of services/recording devices has made it so that the television experience has become less about in-the-moment news or programming […]

The Effect of Digital Effects on Cinema

The evolution of digital cinema, as described by Stephen Prince in Digital Visual Effects in Cinema, emerged as the culmination of decades of evolution in computer graphics technology and advancements in special effects technology. With the developments in Graphics and the realization of the graphic potential of computers and digital software programs, the late 1980s […]

Streaming and Digitization: the Threat of Progress

As I read in Wheeler Dixon’s reading Streaming–Media, Movies and Instant Access, the practices popularly known as streaming and digital downloading has become an essential portion of the entertainment industry and the process of digitization. I found it disturbing and somewhat curious that digitization and intangible media has truly become somewhat of a serious threat towards […]

Marketing: The Battle for the Mind of the Moviegoer

Marketing movies towards the public is an art form, and such is shown throughout this past Marich reading, in which Marich describes the exhaustive means through which movies are marketed, which in the end wind up costing the same, if not more than the cost of producing the movie. According to Marich, depending upon the […]