The Future is in the Ability to be Flexible

With college graduation coming up soon, students are currently in a panic over what will happen after graduation. Will we end up with our dream job, a service job, an assistant job, a job we never even thought we wanted, or worse, no job? I recently saw a graphic that showed where a percentage of […]

A Filmmaker and Chef with a Dream

Binging with Babish is a cooking show that teaches its viewers delicious recipes by its host Oliver Babish. Oliver Babish is an alias for Andrew Rea who is an entrepreneur, chef, filmmaker, and writer. The setting of the show is in Andrew’s apartment located in Harlem of New York City. Binging With Babish has 3,000,000 […]

Crimetown…The Complete Podcast

Everyone loves a good story whether it is a book, a movie, or your father talking about his childhood. Crimetown investigates crime culture in Providence in season one and Detroit will be the location of season two. Each episode runs around thirty minutes and the only ads taking up that time are messages from Gimlet, […]

The Representation Needs Representation

Imagine looking for a job with no idea of a place to start? Growing up, your advisors will tell you that connections are everything. Who you know in the industry is what will get you that big interview or prime-time audition to show how great your talent is. However, connecting to the right people can […]

A Cinematic Pioneer

Garth Drabinsky set the standard for what we consider to be a modern movie theatre experience. He is the pioneer that used the separation between theatre exhibitions and distributors to his advantage in making theatres into his own spectacular experience. Historically, theatres were considered to be palaces, beautifully decorated and a place for the kids […]