Micro Housing and Its Benefits

In Andrew Ross’ book, Nice Work If You Can Get It: Life and Labor in Precarious Times, I found that the issues he raised in reference to labor and sustainability connected with some previous topics we’ve been discussing in class. I want to first bring to your attention one of the many reality TV shows […]

Reality TV: The Next Hurdle

Cynthia Littleton vividly describes the rollercoaster ride of the 2007-2008 Writer’s Guild of America strike in her book, TV on Strike: Why Hollywood Went to War Over the Internet. The main goals of the WGA included “achieving jurisdictional gains in new media, reality, and animation,” and while the final outcome of the strike was successful […]

Fronteer Strategy: A European Case Study

While reading Andrew Ross’ book, No Collar: The Humane Workplace and Its Hidden Costs, I thought back to the new media class I took abroad. The founder of a consulting firm based in Amsterdam was one of the first speakers to visit our class early on in the semester. When he first described his company, […]

False Authenticity in the 21st Century

As we discussed in our last class, the trend of cities appealing to an emerging creative class has negative impacts on the urban landscape, in that these constructed bohemian atmospheres focus on the appearance of authenticity more than cultivating authenticity itself. As Richard Lloyd quotes from art historian Thomas Crowe in his book, Neo-Bohemia: Art […]

Education as the Key to the Growth of Creativity in America

When I think of a career in the creative industries, the first thought that comes to mind is a community of extremely gifted individuals who have the ability to think outside of the box to create meaningful pieces of work that spark thought and conversation. While this may be true, Richard Florida’s examination of the […]

American vs. Danish Television

In Global Entertainment Media, Tanner Mirrlees thoroughly examines the dichotomies between cultural imperialism and cultural globalization. It appears as though cultural globalization better encompasses both new and old ideas about the influence and control that the United States possesses in the global arena. Mirrlees discusses how broad terms like Americanization and Westernization are ideological at […]

Self-Doubt In Hollywood and Beyond

  As we approach the end of our fourth year at Wheaton, we are all feeling a mix of emotions. Right now, excitement, anxiety, bee screaming terror (don’t worry I’ll get back to Nicolas Cage later) battle against each other, as we one day hope to feel security in the career paths we have chosen. […]