The Supernatural Sex Appeal in Adolescent Queer Fandom

I know of the show Supernatural. I know about the hype surrounding the two main characters, played by Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. The show has created an army of lusty teenage girls and boys who have dedicated their time and social media presence/influence to glorifying the show’s hot protagonists. Some will describe them as the […]

Netflix, Hulu, and You.

Over the course of 22 years living, I have noticed how gradually (and arguably rapidly) the state of “watching television” has changed. I use quotations purposely because we live in an age where we can “watch” television, without watching it. New media has granted new mediums in which we can enjoy our favorite programs, all […]

The Black Hole Effect: Why Was ‘Interstellar’ So Damn Good?

A display connected to a digital computer gives us a chance to gain familiarity with concepts not realizable in the physical world Ivan Sutherland in Digital Visual Effects in Cinema by Stephen Prince I remember looking at science fiction (sci-fi) films and finding not many of them to be too riveting or enveloping. The ones that did […]

Tangibility Obsolete: Fears of the Teach Rise

“Thus, after killing off all the brick-and-mortar stores for DVDs, CDs, and books, Amazon and Netfl ix seem poised to do away with all vestiges of the real and enter the digital-only domain. What will be lost in the process is not only the physical reality of books and DVDs; many titles won’t make it […]

Mean Girls: Marketing to Teen Girls

The most interesting point in Robert Marich’s book “Marketing to Moviegoers: A Handbook of Strategies and Tactics” comes from the Marketing in Digital Media section. He says, “Film distributors spent between 5 percent and 20 percent of their marketing budgets on new media, with the range attributable to whether a film’s target audience is a heavy user […]

Franchising “Super” Feminism: The “Me Too” Concept Explored

The premise of She-Ra: Princess of Power held that He-Man, the muscle-bound protector of the planet Eternia, had a twin sister similarly sworn to defend planet Eternia. Thus, the original television series and toy line multiplied into a second set of products aimed at young girls–part of what scholar Gary Cross referred to as a ‘me too’ industrial […]

Miramax and The Kill Bill Franchise

WARNING: THIS POST CONTAINS SPOILERS! Miramax has undoubtedly grown from humble beginnings, according to Alisa Perren’s Indie, Inc: Miramax and the Transformation of Hollywood in the 1990s. The company has shown powerhouse promise by rising through the ranks in the most unconventional ways compared to its Hollywood counterparts, and has given audiences continuous cinema successes […]