The Severity of Impact from Measuring Spreadable Media

Media today that’s spreadable allows for greater impact from people outside or unrelated to the production staff of any particular kind of media. This is fact with all the different kinds of access people have through online media sources and how they are encouraged to have a presence felt for content creators to react too […]

Social Interaction on Social Networking Real or Fake?

The digital world and social networking has had a large effect on the world today in so many ways that can completely confuse someone in what way they are being affected by social networking. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Skype and many other social networking websites and programs have had some significant effect on today’s youth in […]

The Craziness of Fans

Fans or fandom is something that is has been changing over the years as it is one of the most important factors surrounding any film, TV show, sports entertainment, celebrities etc. Katherine Larsen and Lynn S. Zubernis talk about fandom in their book FANGASM: SUPERNATURAL FANGIRLS and they have many unique examples. One example they […]

The Presence of Women’s Magazines in the Digital World

As people are transitioning away from the reading the newspaper to reading the news digitally online the same transition is seen happening with women’s magazines in the digital age. Brooke Duffy in her book Remake, Remodel: Women’s Magazines in the Digital Age discusses the change of how women’s magazines are read today with the access […]

The Greatness of Digital Visual Effects

Visual effects are a big part of films today and have more significance to films than people tend to realize. One person that talks about this topic is Stephen Prince in his book called Digital Visual Effects In Cinema. Prince says “I will have much to say about the compatibility of visual effects with cinematic […]

The Affect of Digital Media & Streaming

I remember there was a time where I would only use the computer for class assignments that were required to be typed in Microsoft Word and then I would end up spending most of my time watching TV. Later on this did not continue as I started spending more time on the computer watching things […]

Movie Marketing and Product Placement

Movie marketing is one of the many important steps in the movie business that must always be taken seriously. Robert Marich talks about the subject of movie marketing in his book, Marich’s Marketing to Moviegoers: A Handbook of Strategies and Tactics, and he reveals some interesting truths about it. One of the interesting facts that […]

My Take on Media Franchising, Basic Franchising & Sharing Worlds

Media franchising is a topic that is extremely significant in the field of economics and it is something that is done by many varieties of businesses. One kind of business that franchising can be seen in is the film industry. The ultimate Avengers (2012) film demonstrated franchising by bringing together different filmmakers for projects market […]

Miramax and its “Secret” for Staying in Business

Miramax is widely known as an entertainment company that primarily focuses on the distribution of independent and foreign films. Miramax was founded in 1979 and it was “established” by two brothers, Bob and Harvey Weinstein (Perren, 2). However, it took more than a decade for Miramax to become an “attractive target for Disney and other […]

My Own Special Take on “TV on Strike”

Television recently should be very uptight because for once they have competition. Cynthia Littleton in her book, TV on Strike: Why Hollywood Went to War Over the Internet, talks about how “in the new media paradigm, television programming that was once exclusive to a single licencor is slowly but surely becoming a commodity…” (Littleton, 1). […]