Fangasm: Teen Wolf and Fan Ficition

Fandom communities in web 2.0 have afforded fans the capabilities to create websites fan fiction to expand the television or filmic text to include fan influence. The television series Supernatural is perhaps one of the few television series to have a large and interactive fandom community. Fan sites created for fan fictions and wiki entries […]

Online Vlogs: User Generated Content and Advertisements

The digitization of magazines have removed the barrier of entry for non-professionals as fashion bloggers, style gurus and DIY user generated content begin gaining traction online. These spaces are created with greater input from viewers/consumers who can request content and interact with content producers. With the trend on the rise, these sites of interaction become […]

Digital Environments: Visual Effects and Realism

In the book Digital Visual Effects in Cinema: [The Seduction of Reality}, author Stephen Prince outlines the changes in filmmaking that have occurred as digital technologies have become more widely used. He first traces the beginning movements of digital technologies and how they have shaped our perceptions of realism, how they replicate traditional filmmaking and […]

Streaming Media: Video on Demand and Netflix

The consumption of media content has changed most drastically over the years as new technologies have enabled the user to exercise a greater amount of control in how they find, exhibit and pay for their viewing experiences. It is easier to see the benefits of video on demand services, which enable the users to watch […]

Brand Loyalty: Product Placement and the Rise in Piracy

The process of marking to moviegoers has been apart of the film industry for several decades with both parties involved benefitting from product placements and promotional tie ins. The marketing strategy of product placement is when a there is an exchange of finances for a consumer good to be placed in a film for a […]

Kingdom Hearts: Benefits of Joint Venture Franchising

Kingdom Hearts was a huge success when it entered the market in 2002 and has since then been followed up by six more titles over a variety of gaming platforms. The venture is a collaboration between Square Enix and Disney Interactive Studios, capitalizing on their combined creative library to provide a new product to be […]

Battle of the Brand’s Identity: Miramax, Disney and Dimension Films

While Miramax may have been a pioneer of “indie” cinema its inceptions began with modest means as a distribution company in the year of 1979 and is traced till its eventual end in Alisa Perren’s book, Indie, Inc. Brothers Bob and Harvey Weinstein began using concert films to generate income and then quickly switched towards […]

ABC’s Response to Loss in Viewership and Product Placement with Desperate Housewives

The 2007-2008 television season was faced with major set backs as the WGA went on strike over contract issues with major studies. They wanted to renegotiate to address how new media would shape distribution and viewing over the next couple of years and how it would affect residuals payments. The major studios and the writers […]

Empires of Entertainment: Buying Your Disney Ticket Over Televsion

Following the Fin-Syn repeal broadcasters were able to own their programming and the rights to its syndication. Without this barrier, film production companies and broadcast could merge with one another and the broadcast channel could increase the output of their own original programming. Film companies, who had financial resources, could shuffle their original and new […]