Limited Jobs for Unlimited Creativity

As a double major in Film and Spanish it’s not news to me that the industry I chose to soon work in is a tough one. Although much of our society and culture are reliant on the work of creatives- and as stated in Ruth S. Bridgstock’s ‘Skills for creative industries graduate success‘: “the creative […]

A ‘Pretty Big’ Podcast

The podcast I chose to write about is one that is relatively new and slightly unconventional, but very interesting and insightful. Plus size model, body activist, and television presenter Ashley Graham aired her first episode of ‘Pretty Big Deal’ about a year ago on October 4th, 2018, (it can be found here). The format of […]

The World of James Bond

Thirty-nine novels, twenty-four films, and many lead actors later, James Bond has remained an iconic figure in pop culture since his conception in 1953 by writer Ian Fleming. Drawing from his own experience as a former naval intelligence officer, Fleming first presented the world of James Bond with the novel Casino Royale. After the books […]

SAG-AFTRA and Background Actors

  Cynthia Littleton’s book, TV on Strike, centers on the great instability many creative industry workers feel despite their many unions and guilds put in place to protect them. It is this insecure employment, as well as the influence of digital technologies- combined with a number of other factors that led to the big 2007 […]

Metro-Goldwyn-Meyers Rise and Fall from Success

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, more commonly known as MGM was a former giant in the motion-picture-making industry, with the iconic Lion’s roar symbolizing the Golden Age of Hollywood. MGM came to fruition in 1924 when Louis B. Mayer Productions joined Metro Pictures and Goldwyn Studios who had already collaborated. Together as MGM, they went on to rise to […]

Adidas: 3-D Printing and Saving the Planet

I’m sure we’ve all seen a million sneaker commercials. Each one advertising more or less the same thing- a shoe that will make you jump higher and run faster all while being comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. But how much can one product- in this case, something as basic as a sneaker- really be revolutionized when […]