Creating Yourself

The creative industries world is one of the fastest paced industries when it comes to change. Aspiring new creators need to be even more adaptable to not only the demand, but the other creators trying to find a niche in order to appear the most in the wide supply. Going into a creative industry implies […]

The Joe Rogan Experience

With episode #1380 coming out only two days ago from the publishing of this article, “The Joe Rogan Experience” continues to dominate the podcasting world. The first episode was released on December 24, 2009. The Joe Rogan experience covers everything from comedian culture, professional fighting, technology, and much more to create a versatility that many […]

The Evolution of Rocky

Philadelphia, home of the best cheesesteaks and the best underdog boxer of all time. The Rocky series follows a hometown boxer climbing the ranks of professional boxing while battling the pressures of fame, love, and keeping true to what makes Rocky, Rocky. Being a staple of Philadelphia brings a lot of pressure that both Rocky […]

Friday Night Light’s Flipped Script

Have you ever been heavily infested into a TV show? The goal of a television series is to progress and improve the story from the previous season to improve engagement. With Friday Night Lights having iconic status in the TV world, people argue that season 2 (aired from 2007-2008) was not up to par with […]

The Complete Apple Takeover

Apple’s innovation techniques are the reason that their products are our number one need when it comes to our technological world. Social culture and the desire for the newest and best has consumed us completely, especially when it comes to our phones. Apple has created this marketing feud where they made it nearly impossible for […]