So what is the MBA? Well the MBA stands for the Minimum Basic Agreement. It’s an agreement for the Writers guild of America. It makes sure the rights of the writers are met. Back in 2007 there was a strike as many of the workers weren’t getting paid any extra when their work ended up […]

The War Never Ended

The war for control over the TV and movie industry has never stopped. Since the beginning of the industries the different studios have been fighting for control over the market. It’s just more evident now then ever. With the launch of many TV services such as Hulu TV, Playstation Vue, and YouTube TV it’s going […]


When looking at clothing companies there is a certain dynamic when it comes to clothing companies and the digital age. Clothing companies and the digital age tend to come together when you look at the age ranges between 13 and 25 (teenagers and young adults). This age dynamic has been known to prefer being less […]