Uncut, Unconventional, but Ultimately Successful

Podcasting puts more control in the hands of listeners, in the sense that listeners can hypothetically listen to what they want, whenever they want in a way that they can’t with radio broadcasting. Despite this listener freedom that is available with this medium, individual podcast episodes actually have to be very structured. The editing should […]

A Smaller Scale Franchise

I can still remember the first time I watched M. Night Shyamalan’s Unbreakable, Ironically I had just watched my favorite film at that time X2: X-Men United the day before; I was expecting another action packed and spandex filled superhero film but received quite the opposite. Unbreakable was a dark and gritty realistic superhero film […]

How “Selling out” Led to Complete Creative Control

“I am so very lucky to do this for a living. I am allowed to participate in one of the most powerful art forms ever created. The communal experience of watching a film can bring tears to the heart of a Nazi. It can change points of view. That’s what someone’s talking about when they […]

Should Apple Music and Spotify Attempt to Become Vertically Integrated?

From reading Jennifer Holt’s Empires of Entertainment: Media Industries and the Politics of Deregulation, 1980-1996 it is clear to see that broadcast, cable, and film were clearly defined industries that competed with each other before they became interconnected with the rise of media conglomerates. As Holt puts it: “film studios combined with broadcast networks (Fox), […]

Evolution of the Bestselling Album

I can still fondly remember buying my first CD when I was a kid, from unwrapping it, to delicately placing the disc into my portable CD player, and then proceeding to play it from first to last track so many times that it became riddled with scratch marks and was eventually unplayable. That album contained […]