YouTube Beauty Gurus: A Convergence of the Personal and the Professional

In Remake, Remodel: Women’s Magazines in the Digital Age Brooke Erin Duffy notes the rising influence of the fashion blogger. The interactivity afforded by the Digital Age has led to a rise in consumer participation across media industries. Increasingly, magazines catering to women are turning to fashion “experts” of Internet-made fame. These “experts” are often bloggers […]

Everyday YouTube: Commonplace Media

As most of you likely know, YouTube is a popular video-sharing website. The site, which is now a Google subsidiary, allows anyone to create a profile and post either original or found content (this is dependent upon usage rights, of course). The result is a mass of content that ranges from individual user-generated content to […]

Expanding Marvel: Maintaining Audience Interest in the Modern Marketplace

In Streaming: Movies, Media, and Instant Access, Wheeler Winston Dixon outlines some of the major changes that have occurred within the film and television industry as it has made the shift from analogue mediums to digital ones. This shift in medium does not solely affect the way in which movies are actually filmed but also the […]

Screening Success: Marketing Research for Movies

In Marketing to Moviegoers, Robert Marich, delineates the structure of research departments within the film industry. The research conducted by film companies is largely secretive and consequently is an unfamiliar aspect to most moviegoers. The research conducted tends to rely on test audiences in order to ascertain as much market information as possible as an […]

What Sort of Fan Reads Playboy? Franchising “The original men’s magazine”

Derek Johnson’s Media Franchising: Creative License and Collaboration in the Culture Industries looks to a variety of case studies in order to analyze the complexities of media franchising, tracing the relationship between creativity and business savvy. Franchises, whatever their trademark may consist of, are ultimately guided by licensing agreements and regulated collaboration. In order to […]

Courting Controversy: Mirimax, Kids, and Shining Excalibur

Alisa Perren’s Indie, inc.: Miramax and the transformation of Hollywood in the 1990s, looks to Miramax, a company known for distributing “indie” films, in order to illustrate how one company was able to transform the independent film industry (and beyond). Perren works with a variety of case studies, but one in particlar stood out to […]

The Rise of “Reality”: Television Economics

From its advent, television often was and has continued to be considered a ‘lesser medium’ by, well, generally film snobs. Though this stigma exists, television has proven itself many times over with shows that are not only wildly successful, but could undoubtedly be considered complex works of art, plenty worthy of the prestige retained by […]